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Thank You, Esther Forbes Free Essay Example, 750 words

ï » ¿List of Names Louse Forbes was an American novelist, children's writer, and a historian. She is well known for works such a Mirror of Witches, Paul Revere and the World He Lived in and the novel Johnny Tremain. Esther received the Newberry medal and the Pulitzer Prize during her time. Notably, she loved writing and that is why she is quoted in Paul Revere and the World He lived saying, note 54, "Most American Heroes of the Revolutionary are by now two men, the actual man, and the romantic image. Some are even three men-the actual man, the image, and the de-bunked remains’ Audrey Kathleen Hepburn was a British actress and later a humanitarian. She was acting during the Golden age of Hollywood and she was recognized highly as a fashion and film icon. To this date, Audrey is regarded as one of the best naturally beautiful women of all time. Further, the American Film Institute ranked her third in the greatest female screen legends list in American Cinema’s list and also is placed the Hall of Fame’s International Best Dressed List. Ernest Miller Hemmingway was an American journalist and an established author. We will write a custom essay sample on Thank You, Esther Forbes or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now He won a Nobel Prize for literature in 1954. He had written seven novels, six short story collections and two non-fiction books all of which he had published and are considered as American classics. Some of his popular works include The Sun Also Rises, For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old man and the Sea. Isaac Emmanuilovich Babel was a Russian literary translator, a playwright, a journalist and a short story writer. Babel produced several masterpieces of Russian Literature those include the Red Cavalry, Tales of Odessa, and Story of My Dovecote which are very popular. Notably, he was not uncritical of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union but he was later arrested and shot dead in 1940 after confessing that he had been a foreign spy and a Trotskyist terrorist. Gertrude Stein was a pioneer and member of the Modernist Literature movement and she is well known as an American plays, poetry and novels writer. In specific, she wrote the Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas which was a literally best seller and that made her get attention as a mainstream literally figure. She was also regarded as a modernist art collector. Henry Green is best remembered as an English author who wrote the popular novels Loving and Party Going. Between 1905 and the year 1973, he was Henry Vincent Yorke's ‘nom de plume'. Greens novel’s, especially Living, Loving and Party going are considered basic works in the works of English in the Modernist Literature. The Flying Nun was an American sitcom produced for the book The Fifteenth Pelican in 1965. This series was showing on ABC from 1967 to 1970 and had 82 episodes. Johnny Tremain was an historical novel for the children written by Esther Forbes in 1943. It was set in Boston before and during the American Revolution outbreak. It had attention because of its themes of courtship, apprenticeship, human rights and sacrifice. The America Revolution is also known as the American War of Independence occurred in America between 1775 and 1783. It was a rebellion in which the North American colonies fought against the Great Britain, their Colonizers, and ended with the declaration of independent United States of America in 1776. The Newbery Medal popularly known as John Newbery Medal is a literally award that is given to the writer who uniquely contributes to the American literature for children. It is given by the American Library Association and is named after John Newbery. John Newbery was an English publisher who is also known by nickname as The Father of Children’s Literature. Notably, he was the one who established the children’s literature in the literary market. Chicago Cold-the writer refers to the extremely low temperatures that accompany the winter in Chicago. Actually, Chicago set record low temperatures of minus 9 degrees in 1896 . Thank You, Esther Forbes Summary Saunders, the writer of the article, Thank You, Esther Forbes assumes the position of grade three pupils at St. Damian School. This article is found in a collection The Bain Dead Megaphone by Saunders (57-64). In the story, as he likes one of the nuns who he describes as adorable and as having an Audrey Hepburn smile. The nun too liked the writer and one she gives him a book by Esther Forbes titled Johnny Tremain. the book interests the writer for two reasons, one, it talks about war and the writer talks about dreaming of leaving school to draft antiwar speeches, and secondly, it is the from the way the book is written, the sentences and its prose that are the subject of this article. In this article, the writer discusses effective sentence structures and prose that make creative writing attractive. It is from effective sentence structure that a story flows interestingly and makes reading attractive. Moreover, the writer compares Esther Forbes with other books he had read before th ose were uninteresting. The writer says that what distinguishes Esther Forbes book from other books was the language that was dense and efficient. According to Forbes, a sentence was supposed to be unique and not just a fact conveyer. Such well-structured sentences following each other enable the reader to put themselves in the imagined situation in the story and can actually feel it like it was real. This ability of sentences to make imagined situations feel like they exist is what makes Forbes book interesting. Notes

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Why Were the Ancient Greeks Called Hellenes

If you read any ancient Greek history, youll see references to the Hellenic people and the Hellenistic period. These references describe only a relatively brief period between the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE and the defeat of Egypt by Rome in 31 BCE. Egypt, and particularly Alexandria, came to be the center of Hellenism. The end of the Hellenistic World came when the Romans took over Egypt, in 30 B.C., with the death of Cleopatra. Origin of the Name Hellene The name comes from Hellen who was not the woman famed from the Trojan War (Helen of Troy), but the son of Deucalion and Pyrrha. According to Ovids Metamorphoses, Deucalion and Pyrrha were the only survivors of a flood similar to the one described in the story of Noahs Ark. To repopulate the world, they throw stones which turn into people; the first stone they throw becomes their son, Hellen. Hellen, the male, has two ls in his name; whereas Helen of Troy has only one. Ovid did not come up with the idea of using the name Hellen to describe the Greek people; according to Thucydides: Before the Trojan war there is no indication of any common action in Hellas, nor indeed of the universal prevalence of the name; on the contrary, before the time of Hellen, son of Deucalion, no such appellation existed, but the country went by the names of the different tribes, in particular of the Pelasgian. It was not till Hellen and his sons grew strong in Phthiotis, and were invited as allies into the other cities, that one by one they gradually acquired from the connection the name of Hellenes; though a long time elapsed before that name could fasten itself upon all. The best proof of this is furnished by Homer. Born long after the Trojan War, he nowhere calls all of them by that name, nor indeed any of them except the followers of Achilles from Phthiotis, who were the original Hellenes: in his poems they are called Danaans, Argives, and Achaeans. (Richard Crawleys translation of Thucydides Book I) Who the Hellenes Were After the death of Alexander, some city-states came under Greek influence and were thus Hellenized. The Hellenes, therefore, were not necessarily ethnic Greeks as we know them today. Instead, they included groups we now know of as Assyrians, Egyptians, Jews, Arabs, and Armenians among others. As Greek influence spread, Hellenization even reached the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia, and parts of modern India and Pakistan. What Happened to the Hellenes As the Roman Republic became stronger, it began to flex its military might. In 168 BCE, the Romans defeated Macedon; from that point forward, Roman influence grew. In 146 BCE the Hellenistic region became a Protectorate of Rome; it was then that Romans began imitating Hellenic (Greek) clothing, religion, and ideas. The end of the Hellenistic Era came in 31 BCE. It was then that Octavian, who later became Augustus Caesar, defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra and made Greece a part of the new Roman Empire.

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A Brief Look at Schizophrenia - 1765 Words

Schizophrenia Socially the term Schizophrenia has a certain caricature about it that society has turned into a very serious social stigma. Many associate the disorder with criminals, nut houses, and extreme uncontrollable violence. Schizophrenia is portrayed in literature, and in movies so horrendously negative that those who experience symptoms of this very serious mental disorder can be in a stage of denial that can ultimately cause them to go undiagnosed, that is until something goes wrong. In spite of myths and portrayals in pop culture schizophrenia is sometimes viewed as split personality, but the root of the word comes from the Greek word schizo and phrene which loosely translates into split mind (Internet Mental Health Initiative 2010). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM-5 says that â€Å"Schizophrenia is characterized by delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech and behavior, and other symptoms that cause social or occupational dysfunction . For a diagnosis, symptoms must have been present for six months and include at least one month of active symptoms† (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). In the last edition of the DSM it was only required that a person show one of the symptoms listed, but now in the revised addition the patient must show two of the symptoms listed above. The National Institute of Mental Health or NIMH breaks down the disorder in laments terms by describing it as â€Å"People with the disorder may hear voices otherShow MoreRelatedThe Stigma Of Mental Health968 Words   |  4 Pagesreal practice (Kelly et al, 2010). This essay is a reflection on two newspaper articles on schizophrenia to provide a brief account of personal observation, common misconceptions, scientific truth and mainstream issues that needs an immediate attention. PERSONAL OBSERVATION The very right question which I personally believe every individual should ask to them before jumping into any conclusion on schizophrenia is why and how they are different. There is a little difference between schizophrenic peopleRead MoreThe Stigma Of Mental Health1095 Words   |  5 Pagesreal practice (Kelly et al, 2010). This essay is a reflection on two newspaper articles on schizophrenia to provide a brief account of personal observation, common misconceptions, scientific truth and mainstream issues that needs an immediate attention. PERSONAL OBSERVATION The very right question which I personally believe every individual should ask of them before jumping into any conclusion on schizophrenia is why and how they are different. There is a little difference between schizophrenic peopleRead MoreSchizophrenia’s Management and Treatment 1567 Words   |  6 Pagessymptoms for a mental disorder (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). When interviewing John Doe it is difficul t to stay on topic because he will often change the subject. During the interview John Doe gives the impression of lack of self-care. He looks as if he has not showered and trued to have personal hygiene. His mother indeed reports that John Doe has not brushed his teeth or showered recently and that getting him out of bed is a difficult task for her (O’Hea, 2014). John Doe’s appetite hasRead MoreSymptoms And Signs Of Schizophrenia1140 Words   |  5 PagesBe aware. They might be suffering from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a thought or brain disorder that interferes with a person’s ability to think clearly, manage emotions, make decisions, relate to others and failure to recognize what is real (Goldberg, 2016). One of the famous people who developed schizophrenia is Eduard Einstein, son of Albert Einstein, Vincent van Gogh, the painter, Joan of Arc, and even Socrates (Nettle, 2013). A law about schizophrenia treatment and equality should be implementedRead Mo reSymptoms And Treatment Of Schizophrenia1132 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract This research paper takes a look at a case study in which the individual is suffering from delusional disorder. Because delusional disorder and schizophrenia share many of the same characteristics, it is easy to mistake one for the other; therefore, the psychology professional must look at all the present symptoms as well as the history of the individual to make a clear diagnosis. When using the pharmacological approach in treating delusional disorders, the psychology professional mustRead MoreSubstance Abuse: Crisis Intervention1352 Words   |  5 Pages Substance abuse: Crisis intervention To the outsider, the lives of substance abusers often look like a series of crises waiting to happen. Often, the extent to which substance abuse is causing devastation in the life of the sufferer is more manifest to outsiders such as friends or relatives than the abuser him or herself. Crises relating to substance abuse may be biologically-related (such as a medical crisis brought about by abuse); legally related (a conviction for abusing an illegal drugRead MoreMovie Review: Out of Darkness1576 Words   |  7 Pagescondition of Schizophrenia in the movie, Out of Darkness. The film has a dynamic cast including: Diana Ross as Paulie Cooper (the individual suffering with schizophrenia), Rhonda Stubbins-White as Zoe Price (Paulie’s sister), and Beach Richards as Ms. Cooper (Paulie’s mother). There are a number of other characters portrayed in the film; however for the purpose of this paper, the focus is on these three. The first portion of the paper gives a brief description of the initial onset of Schizophrenia for Paulie;Read MoreThe Effects Of Schizophrenia And How It Not Only Effects People Essay1340 Words   |  6 PagesSchizophrenia Xavier Pizarro December 3, 2016 Monroe College Psych. Of Abnormal Behavior Abstract This essay will be tackling the topic of Schizophrenia and how it not only effects people but the many different treatments they can choose from and have to continue to go through for a majority of their lives. It will also show some statistics and some facts you may or may not know but hopefully it will open up some doors you haven’t been through and answer any potential question you might have aboutRead MoreEssay On Computer Assisted Cognitive Remediation965 Words   |  4 Pagesquestion whether a longer training in computer-assisted cognitive remediation (CACR) would lead to greater improvement in both cognition and daily functioning for individuals with schizophrenia. CACR is a computer training that provides specific neurocognitive exercises which aim to improve common impaired areas in schizophrenia. Previous studies have shown that using CACR rehabilitation treatment could improve cognitive deficits. Only one study was ever completed to question how intense CACR should beRead MoreEssay about Genetics and Schizophrenia1632 Words   |  7 Pagesdiscuss whether schizophrenia is genetically inherited disorder. There will be an understanding to what schizophrenia is with a brief description in the introduction. This essay will also talk about weather schizophrenia is genetically inherited or weather it is a biological (Inherited) disorder. It will also include weather schizophrenia is cause by other factors such as social factors, environmental, pre natal, childhood and neurobiology. The essay will also state weather schizophrenia is caused by

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Marketing Research in Cole’s Supermarket Product †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Research in Coles Supermarket Product. Answer: Coles Finest Coffee Capsules Nespresso Marketing Plan The brand of Coles Finest present its product Coffee Capsules. Australian people are very fond of coffee. So Coles introduce its new brand product which is a coffee capsules. Coles is the supermarket and store in Australia. To the nations economy company is contributing expressively. As per the research the company has picked up shares of the supermarket more than 30 percent in Australia. The companys product are basically related to grocery, daily use products, meat, deli, bake house, chocolates, milk products, fat burn products, liquor, baby food etc. Cole has the low price and good quality strategy which attracts more customers and they force to buy their needy things from the cols store. This supermarket also provide the fresh and healthy products to the customers. Present report ofmarketing research of Coles shows that this company are focusing more on the liquor, food and fuel consumers. The promotion strategy of this company are also good they are promoting their products via social sites, newspaper, internet, and television. They select the crowded area of the city so that they can easily promote their products and people can easily about the products of Coles. For the establishment in supermarket of city the company made some strategies. Which we will discuss further here. Marketing strategy of Nescafe espresso coffee. This is a drink product of Coles with a different variety of epicurean foods. This food product promoted as good quality product but bit expensive and also known as branded products (Gans and King, 2004). Coles also providing diversity in its products so customers can easily buy their different category products as such food, grocery, liquor, clothing at same place so that they dont need to go buy this things to different- different stores. Market targeting and positioning of Coffee Capsules Nespresso: Being an excellent brand of Coles in the food, the promoting Strategy of Coles concentrates on the higher section of its individual customers. The biggest question was in front of while establishing market in the city that which is the target market for this exclusive food brand? Coles has very less competitors in the Australia market, and this was a very good opportunity for Coles to penetrate easily in Australia market and establish their product in this market. According to planned strategy they targeted the voluptuousness segment of market to identify that which would be most suitable and preferable target audience for it (Gans King., 2004). The only challenge in front of Coles in Australia market was Woolworth. There are increasing demand in market of Australia people are very fond of good quality of food there. So to give competition to Woolworth brand they follow their own Strategy that customers is first priority for them and according to the demand and feedback of customers they made some changes in the Coles brand Super finest , and after the survey they found the places where the accessibility of people are more and they started a policy of selling the product to their own supermarket Approaching of marketing mix strategy by Coles The mix marketing strategy of Coles in super market chain is the create trust and make some good, trust worthy customers. Marketing mix strategy of the Coles brand follows the 4ps rule. Which is: Product of Coles Brand Pricing strategy of Coffee Capsules Nespresso Promotional strategy Coffee Capsules Nespresso Place or Location Product of Coles or Branding of Coles: Coles supermarket offer many variety of products as such baby food, liquor, grocery etc. Coles has also its private branding label products as such Coles Smart Buy, Coles Finest, Coles Green Choice, Coles Organic, Coles Simply Less, Coles Simply Gluten Free, and Mix Clothing. Every product of Coles has unique quality which is famous in all supermarkets in city. Pricing strategy of Coffee Capsules Nespresso: These coffee beans are in form of capsules which are easy to intake. As discusses about the strategies of Coles they made some changes in pricing, schemes, and offers so that middle class people will not hesitate to buy this. After the survey we found that this Coles product was in demand .After that Coles becomes a largest Selling supermarket brand in Australia this effect was because of its pricing strategy (Kumar, (2008). In production process of Coles they used innovative technologies. Promotional Strategy of Coffee Capsules Nespresso: the promotion strategy as such magazines, newspaper, televisions, by use of mouth, social sites, and internet. In this they were able to know that what product are in more demand by the customers. They also provide some kind schemes and offers on the specials occasions to attract their customers more Place or Location: As per the initial strategy of Coles they were focusing only on luxury segments which can only affordable by the rich class people. After this they made some changes in their strategy they started expanding their business in different places of city so that people can buy easily Coles product to nearby Coles supermarket. And the result of this strategy was very effective. Marketing Objectives of Coles Finest Product Coffee Capsules Nespresso: Analysis some of the objective for Cole super market is increasing the revenue, building the customer trust, increasing the customer base, and the competitive advantage. Increasing revenue: The core of Coles business objective is increasing sales. In the first year of establishment its sales to more than $150,000. And then management said that it will increase by 50% in second year and 40% in third year. After its operation in second year company would have increase their super market or stores in varies places of city for good selling. This company faces tough competition in some its brands from mass merchandise and restaurants. Coles strategy has more focused on those customers who are more interested in one step shopping. Increasing the base of customers and traffic: To attain customer base most of organizations work very hard. The marketing research of Coles supermarket tells that the total revenue of Coles supermarket is $33.00 billion in 2016 and the managing director is John Durkan. The strategic location of company is situated in high crowded area of city or town. The main target of these strategy is to focus cultural habits of the people. Also they concentrate on the variety of the product as well quality. Researching about costumers to know the potential of the customers. It was also the researching strategy of Coles Brand. What the customer want from brand and what kind of changes they want in the Coles brand? And what kind of offers the competitors are offering to their customers? Know the feedbacks of customers regarding the product price, quality, and quantity. So the organization can improve or change some element in their brand products according to the customer demand. For the good marketing strategy always customer should be the first priority for every organization. The role of the market research planning: In an organization mission, objectives and goals are the one of the main contribution. This marketing plan and strategies will help to organization to achieve the targets and revenue. This marketing plan and strategies will also assist Coles chain of supermarket to achieve their objectives, more investment in the organization, and expansion of stores or supermarkets in the city. In addition, the marketing plan of company make the special relations with their each customers and workers. And company also reward the workers for their work time to time, in this way workers will be more responsible, sincere towards their work. It was found that on the development of Coles super market the external environment is the main factor (Kumar, 2008). As discussed that Coles supermarket is an Australian supermarket. This Brand is founded by George Coles in 1914 in Collingwood, Melbourne city. It has over 100,000 employees. There are many brands of Coles including clothing, food, liquor, toys, baby products etc. We discussed here about the Marketing Research on Coles Finest Nespresso Coffee Capsules. These the private label brand product of Coles super market. The strategy was using by the Coles was very effective and also help to established a good position the Australia market. The principles of Coles using or accepting the new technologies were very helpful to marinating the store and the data as well. In this order Coles keep a good affection one to each other whether it is individuals, business owners, husband and wife, volunteers this will help to make some good relations. This concept of Coles makes its the most selling product supermarket in Australia. References: Gans, J. S., King, S. P. (2004). Supermarkets and shopper dockets: The Australian experience. Australian Economic Review, 37(3), 311-316. Kumar, S. (2008). A study of the supermarket industry and its growing logistics capabilities. International Journal of Retail Distribution Management, 36(3), 192-211.

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Explain Key Influences on the Learning Processes of Individuals free essay sample

Development in Health and Social Care Edera Andrade Miss Jumpp-Graham P1: Explain key influences on the learning processes of individuals An explanation of the learning process As students like me grow up they first start getting taught basic skills such as learning a first language, basic reading and writing skills. When people move on to high school people get taught new skills, as there is many different subjects that range from art to science and each subject there are many things that you would learn. Every day I learn new thing that will help me develop as a person and will help me in the future. Definition of learning Learning is a body principle advocated by psychologists and educator to explain how people acquire skills, knowledge and attitude http://www. dynamicflight. com/avcfibook/learning_process/ Learning styles There are three main different ways of learning they are the following; Visual learners, this is learning though seeing. We will write a custom essay sample on Explain Key Influences on the Learning Processes of Individuals or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page These types of learners would need to see the teacher’s body language and the teacher’s facial expression to completely understand the content of the lesson. It is mostly that there’s types of learners normally sit at the front of the classroom to avoid visual obstructions an example would be people’s heads. Visual learners best learn from displays this includes; diagrams, illustrated text books, videos, flipcharts, use of interactive whiteboards and hand-outs. When a classroom or lesson discussion, visual learners normally want to take detailed notes to take in the information. Teachers modelling at the beginning of the three-part lesson are particularly suitable for these children. The quality of display, AVAs, printed material etc is going to have an effect of the quality of learning of visual learners. Example: A student named Jessica is a visual learner and she wants to sit at the front of the class room as this will benefit her more as she will be able to see the teacher’s body language and the teachers facial expressions this will help Jessica understand what she has to learn in the lesson. The teacher has to find a balance in her lesson as the teacher know Jessica is a visual learner she needs to remember that Jessica learns better though using diagrams, flipcharts, white boards and hand outs. When the class is having a discussion Jessica writes detailed notes as this is a way she can take the information down. Kinaesthetic Learners, this is learning though, moving and touching. Kinaesthetic pupils learn best through a hands-on approach; actively see the physical world around them. These types of learners may find it hard to sit still for long periods of times the pupil would end up distracted by their need for activity and exploration. As teachers it would be good to have activates build into lessons as it would benefit theses pupils, as is the structure of the three-part lesson, which may overcome some of the problems associated with doing the same activity for long periods. Example: A student named Jim is a kinaesthetic learner he learns better through hands on approach. As he is a kinaesthetic learners he might find it hard to sit still for a long periods of time, Jim might end up getting distracted. When teachers have students that are kinaesthetic learners I would be good to have lessons that have activates build into the lesson. Auditory learners, this is learning though listening. These learners learn best through verbal lessons, discussions with others, talking things through and listening to tone of voice, the pitch, speed and other nuances. Information that is written down may not have any effect on auditory learners until it is heard. These learners also benefit from reading text aloud and using a tape recorder. Stuff that would have an effect on the efficiency of pupils who might be deemed auditory learners are the following; shared reading, shared writing, teacher modelling, paired reading etc. In my option I think I’m I visual learner as I have to take notes and I also use different coloured high lighters to highlight my notes as this helps me remember information which is why I think I am a visual learner but I have other ways of learning as well as I always learn more when I have to discuss things which is what auditory learners do.

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Elagabalus - Roman Emperor

Elagabalus - Roman Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus aka Emperor Elagabulus Dates: Born - c. 203/204; Reigned - May 15,218 - March 11, 222. Name: Birth - Varius Avitus Bassianus; Imperial - Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus Family: Parents - Sextus Varius Marcellus and Julia Soaemias Bassiana; Cousin and successor - Alexander Severus Ancient Sources on Elagabalus: Cassius Dio, Herodian, and Historia Augusta. Elagabalus Ranked Among the Very Worst Emperors At the same time, he will learn of the Romans discernment, in that these last [Augustus, Trajan, Vespasian, Hadrian, Pius, Titus and Marcus] ruled long and died by natural deaths, whereas the former [Caligula, Nero, Vitellius and Elagabalus] were murdered, dragged through the streets, officially called tyrants, and no man wishes to mention even their names.Aelius Lampridius The Life of Antoninus Heliogabalus The life of Elagabalus Antoninus, also called Varius, I should never have put in writing - hoping that it might not be known that he was emperor of the Romans -, were it not that before him this same imperial office had had a Caligula, a Nero, and a Vitellius. Elagabalus' Predecessor Caracalla's Mixed Evaluation An emperor with mixed reviews, Elagabalus cousin Caracalla (April 4, 188 - April 8, 217) ruled for only 5 years. During this time he caused the murder of his co-ruler, his brother Geta, and his supporters, raised the pay for soldiers, waged campaigns in the East where Macrinius was to have him assassinated, and implemented the (Constitutio Antoniniana Antonine Constitution). The Antonine Constitution was named for Caracalla, whose imperial name was Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Augustus. It extended Roman citizenship throughout the Roman Empire. Macrinus Easily Rises to the Imperial Purple Caracalla had appointed Macrinius to the influential position of praetorian prefect. Because of this lofty position, three days after Caracallas murder, Macrinius, a man without senatorial rank, was powerful enough to compel the troops to proclaim him emperor. Less competent as military leader and emperor than his predecessor, Macrinius suffered losses in the East and wound up making settlements with the Parthians, Armenians, and the Dacians. Defeats and Macrinius introduction of a two-tiered pay for soldiers made him unpopular with the soldiers. Enduring Ambitions of Caracalla's Mother Caracallas mother had been Julia Domna of Emesa, Syria, second wife of the emperor Septimius Severus. She had conceived the idea of propelling her great-nephew to the throne, but ill health prevented her involvement. The grandson of her sister Julia Maesa (who shared the family ambitious streak) was Varius Avitus Bassianus who would soon be known as Elagabalus. Sensationalist Biographers of Elagabalus Sir Ronald Syme calls one of the biographies of the time, Aelius Lampridius The Life of Antoninus Heliogabalus, a farago of cheap pornography.* One of the contentions made by Lampridius is that Julia Symiamira (Soaemias), Julia Maesas daughter, had made no secret of her liaison with Caracalla. In the year 218, Varius Avitus Bassianus was performing the hereditary family function of high priest of the sun god whose worship was popular with the troops. A family resemblance to Caracalla probably led them to believe Varius Avitus Bassianus (Elagabalus) the illegitimate son of the more popular emperor Caracalla. The artful Maesa saw and cherished their rising partiality, and readily sacrificing her daughters reputation to the fortune of her grandson, she insinuated that Bassianus was the natural son of their murdered sovereign. The sums distributed by her emissaries with a lavish hand silenced every objection, and the profusion sufficiently proved the affinity, or at least the resemblance, of Bassianus with the great original.Edward Gibbon Follies of Elagabalus Elagabalus Becomes Emperor at 14 One of the legions near their family hometown proclaimed Elagabalus emperor, naming him Marcus Aurelius Antoninus on May 15, 218. Other legions joined the cause. Meanwhile, still other troops rallied to defend Macrinius. On June 8 (see DIR Macrinus) Elagabalus faction won in battle. The new emperor was only 14-years-old. Elagabalus Discussion in the Forum *I dont remember the source of that Syme quote. It is referred to on The Toynbee Convector. Origin of the Name Elagabalus As emperor, Varius Avitus became known by the Latinized version of the name of his Syrian god El-Gabal. Elagabalus also established El-Gabal as the principal god of the Roman Empire. Elagabalus Alienated the the Roman Senators He further alienated Rome by taking honors and powers upon himself before they had been awarded him including substituting his name for that of Macrinius as consul. In both the message to the senate and the letter to the people he styled himself emperor and Caesar, the son of Antoninus, the grandson of Severus, Pius, Felix, Augustus, proconsul, and holder of the tribunician power, assuming these titles before they had been voted, and he used, not the name of Avitus, but that of his pretended father, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . the notebooks of the soldiers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . for Macrinus . . . . . . . Caesar . . . . . . . . . to the Pretorians and to the Alban legionaries who were in Italy he wrote . . . . . and that he was consul and high priest (?) . . . and the . . . . . . Marius Censorinus . . leadership . . read . . . of Macrinus . . . . . . . himself, as if not sufficiently by his own voice able to make public . . . . the letters of Sardanapalus to be read . . . by (?) Claudius Pollio, whom he had enrolled among the ex-consuls, and commanded that it anyone resisted him, he should call on the soldiers for assist ance; Dio Cassius LXXX Sexual Charges Herodian, Dio Cassius, Aelius Lampridius and Gibbon have written about Elagabalus femininity, bisexuality, transvestism, and forcing a vestal virgin to break vows that were so solemn any virgin found to have violated them was buried alive. He appears to have worked as a prostitute and may have sought the original transgendering operation. If so, he didnt succeed. When he tried to become a gallus, he was convinced to undergo circumcision, instead. To us the difference is immense, but to Roman men, both were humiliating. Evaluating Elagabalus Although Elagabalus killed many of his political enemies, especially supporters of Macrinius, he wasnt a sadist who tortured and put an inordinate number of people to death. He was: an attractive, hormonally-charged teen with absolute power,the high priest of an exotic god anda Roman emperor from Syria who imposed his eastern customs on Rome. Rome Needed a Universal Religion J.B. Bury believes that with the universal citizenship grant of Caracalla, a universal religion was necessary. With all his unashamed enthusiasm, Elagabalus was not the man to establish a religion; he had not the qualities of a Constantine or yet of a Julian; and his enterprise would perhaps have met with little success even if his authority had not been annulled by his idiosyncrasies. The Invincible Sun, if he was to be worshipped as a sun of righteousness, was not happily recommended by the acts of his Invincible Priest.J.B. Bury Assassination of Elagabalus Ultimately, like most of the emperors of the period, Elagabalus and his mother were killed by his soldiers, after less than four years in power. DIR says his body was dumped in the Tiber and his memory was erased (Damnatio memoriae). He was 17. His first cousin Alexander Severus, also from Emesa, Syria, succeeded him.

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Revised pieces 2,3,4,5,and structured Research Paper

Revised pieces 2,3,4,5,and structured - Research Paper Example Nevertheless, the actions of Capone did not allow this Act, to be effective with the numerous illegal beer breweries that he carried out. Capone’s money, power and glamour are accompanied by ruthless activities which he engages in be it murder, violence so long as his goals are achieved. His violence is clearly seen in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre becoming one of the most horrifying events in Chicago’s history. A lump sum reward will accorded to any person who brings in any invaluable information to the authorities. Contact the address at the bottom of the page. Piece 4 board games The following game is to be played by following rules and instructions Paying rent on a utility if you throw a dice and it falls on a utility owned by another player, you pay him thrice the value of the property. Timing and trading, this can happen any time, but only when you are playing. Buying a mortgaged property when buying a mortgaged property you can pay for it later in the g ame or pay for it immediately. The game includes ladders that will help you in climbing as you gain more and more wealth. Every time your dice ends in square with a ladder use to climb up The game includes jail card you will get a jail card if you fail to pay on time for rent or mortgaged property. Owners of a property are required to pay taxes failure to which they will be sent to jail. The tax will be 15% of the value of the property. The more properties you the more taxes is required of you Piece 5 how to gain and keep power Be ironic; never trust your friends too much, learn how to make use of your enemies just like AL Capone who expressed his good intentions towards his enemies by sending them flowers during their funerals. Learn to keep your intentions to yourself because you may never know who will use them against you. Get other people to do the work for you, but take the credit. AL Capone maintained his power by providing what was needed by the majority that is the poor who depended on alcohol to absorb their sorrows away. Always learn to win people by your actions, Al Capone was always there to help people who were in need and therefore despite the evil side of Capone people could care less of his criminal activities. Capone was an elegant person who valued family; he always played the part of a self-made millionaire, whose actions did not depict anything unusual that would brand him a social misfit. Although Capone died many years ago living behind a character that is emulated by script writers for various movies. Piece 6 tabloid article Al Capone’s illegal nature started way back when he was a teenager, when he joined a criminal organization by the name five point gang. After he moved to Chicago, Capone’s involvement with Colosimo, a criminal gangster led him together with Torrio to expand operations after his death. In the 1920s, he had a booming criminal; an empire that included beer breweries, night club gambling organization and a prostitution circle. Although he was a criminal, he was considered a successful businessman though the means by which he gained that fame is questionable, which is a benefit of cheating your way up to power. His fame was accompanied by admiration by those who regarded him as a business tycoon rather than a criminal gang. Often the society forgets the criminal nature of